Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things for Thankfulness

So, I have been overwhelmed in every area lately...emotionally, physically, circumstantially, mentally, the point of I don't even know where to start with coming up with something to write, especially something organized.  I feel....flooded and stopped up at the same time.  But, writing is therapeutic for me, so I think today I am going to write a list of things I'm thankful for.  Watch out, it's a big list.

-My husband and family
-New church family
-Chocolate flourless cake
-Especially homemade chocolate flourless cake so that you can eat gigantic portions of it and still have some left for breakfast  snack the next day.
-Close to my parents with this new move
-Awesome place to rent
-Several sunshine filled days in a row
-Great area filled with parks and super cool libraries
-God teaching me how to trust him
-God teaching me that I CAN trust him
-God teaching me that I am desperately in need of him
-God comforting and helping me as I come to him in desperate need
-New jeans that stay where they belong when I try to walk and bend and sit like a normal person
-Money to pay for said jeans
-Fruit bits, Haribo Gummy Bears and anything gummy with sugar
-Hilarious moments from your toddler that slightly redeem non-hilarious moments (like painting your piano with white out)
-mug and candle obsessions that can appear slightly shameful when mug and candle collections are taken out of storage (but are oh so enjoyable) (can one ever have too many mugs or candles?) (don't answer that please).
-grace through friends bringing us meals our first week here!
-New coffee pot
-Dark, dark, strong, deeply dark coffee brewed in said new coffee pot
-Chocolate cake eaten with said dark coffee
-the WORD and a renewed hunger for it
-My siblings :)
-Half-price bookstore now accessible with a 10 min drive (Yes, you should be concerned for our pocketbook)
-A washer and dryer in our place! (I got tired of turning my underwear inside out back and forth for the last 4 years of marriage) (j/k)(is that gross?) (inappropriate?)(sorry)
-New dream job for Joshua
-The FACT that my husband is extremely good looking
-Mason jars and glass jars filled with food stuffs
-God's sovereignty
-Planners and organizational tools
-Sometimes, my brain
-Sometimes, the Lord despite my brain
-My whole freaking life.

Ok, I know I said it was going to be a long one, and it's a bit of a cop out to just say "my whole freaking life"...however, my only time to write without interruption is nap time,  (which is on my thankful list) and nap time today, just isn't working out.  Thus...a shorter than planned list.  Here, I will add one more to the list so I can end on a thankful note:

- Thankful for grace and patience for my kids even when they don't help me out in the nap department.

Now, I am off to go ask God for said grace and patience.

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