Wednesday, December 19, 2012


sarah:  hebrew; "princess"
beth: hebrew; "my God is a vow"

  ****(yes, i realize the absolute terribleness...and amateur schlock paint job that this picture is)****

as some of you might know, the meaning of names has become important to me and my husband, especially when picking names out for our children.  i love the meaning of joshua's name (joshua; God is my salvation and eric; mighty warrior). israel jahmai: prince of God or strives with God and one whom Yahweh protects.  also, the meanings we were looking at for our last pregnancy (the miscarriage) were meaningful.

then...there is my name.  let's just say i haven't until recently, had much appreciation for it.  i never really bothered to look up the meaning of beth until now, which is a derivative of elizabeth.  i have always known that sarah means princess, and beth is just...old and boring sounding.

here are what i have always associated my full name with:

-sad song about sarah beth dying from cancer (country song, of course).
-my nickname has been princess, mostly because some guys at college started it when i wore my hair in princess leia style. see below:

-gaudy stupid pink and purple "princess" trinkets and logos that i refuse to even remotely like...such as this:

-the 234982384787234 little girls who are obsessed and want to be a disney princess when they grow up.
-the movie "a little princess" that i, *ahem* actually liked growing up as a kid.
-and so on, and so on....let's just say, i haven't really given much weight to the meaning of my name.  

until...the other night...joshua and i were babysitting for some friends...  

these friends have two children, one of which is a 4 year old girl who loves...princesses.  and princess outfits. and movies. and....yes.  you get the picture.  on this particular evening that we were babysitting, this sweet little girl wants to watch one of her favorite movies:  "The Penniless Princess: A movie about self worth"...a veggie tales remake of the one princess movie i actually loved.  

well, as we got into the movie, i have to say, i got a bit hooked.  not that i absolutely love veggie tales or their re-makes but...this story was focusing on how we can all be princesses at heart, no matter what, we can still love people because God always loves us.  we are all God's princesses (girls anyway).  silly as it may sound, i started thinking about my name.  thinking about my struggle with self-worth over the years.  my insecurities. my hope.  my identity in Christ.  yes! my identity in Christ is my value.  i am a princess of God...and how awesome that i have a name to remind me of this.  on top of! God is my vow.  in looking up the meaning of that definition, i came across this:
"it means you are "vowed" or, in short belong, to God. It also symbolizes a companionship as whoever owns the name not only belongs to God but owns the vow suggesting a companionship."  

i am worthy in God, i am his and he is mine.  i am my beloved's and he is mine.  i vow myself to him and he is my vow.  i love the intimacy.  the permanence.
ok.  i am convinced.  

the name beth to me shall no longer just be scoffed at (by me) as "boring beth."  when people ask me what my middle name is, i will no longer answer with "beth, i hate it"....

i love my name.  thank you mom and dad for choosing it for me.  now that i feel more secure and thankful for my name, i think i shall go drink another cup of coffee.  because coffee is good.  always.

psalm 45:13-15: "all glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold. in many-colored robes she is led to the king, with her virgin companies following behind her. with joy and gladness they are led along as they enter the palace of the king."

psalm 61:5: "for you, o God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name"

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